Honing the itinerary

Paul’s draft itinerary drops into Julie’s inbox, and we open it eagerly.  We’ve set aside 45 days in New Zealand, and adding on travel time and a couple of days in Singapore we’ll be away for around seven weeks in total.  It will be our longest ever holiday, and well deserved I might add.  Three cheers for retirement.

There’s loads to see and do in New Zealand, and this itinerary will allow us to make the most of our time there.  We will explore magnificent mountain and coastal scenery.  We will marvel at the geothermal wonders, which should be reminiscent of those in Yellowstone.  We will learn about Maori culture and the impact on it of the arrival of the pakeha (Europeans).  We will explore the charms of small town New Zealand.  We will enjoy brilliant views of whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.  We will watch fascinating birds, many of them – like the kiwi – unique to New Zealand.  We will see lots of sheep and drink lots of wine.  We will fly business class for the only time in our lives.  We definitely won’t go bungee jumping.

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However, we want to suggest a very small number of changes.  One day Paul’s itinerary has got us exploring a lake by powerboat, but this is really not our thing – we don’t do thrills and spills, even if the scenery’s spectacular.  In addition, Mrs P hasn’t been idle since we met with Paul, and has some further ideas about places we’d like to visit.  We’d like to jiggle things around a bit, so we give Paul a ring to talk it through.  He listens carefully, takes notes and says he’ll get back to us shortly with an updated proposal.  Watch this space!