Thank you for joining me on my trip to New Zealand. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.

I started blogging in 2016, and now have five separate blogs to my name, of which this and one other are still ‘live’.  This is the fourth of what could be described as one-off traveller’s tales. The others focussed on road-trips in Tasmania (2016), Newfoundland (2017) and parts of western USA, primarily Yellowstone (2018).

My fifth blog is as general as the others are specific. It’s called Now I’m 64 and claims – somewhat pretentiously, I admit – to take as its subject matter life, the universe and everything.  At least I’ll never be short of things to write about.  

Now I’m 64 is a random collection of pieces about stuff that has caught my attention, things that have made me laugh, people I’ve been pleased to know, events that have fired me up, places that have inspired me, experiences I’ve enjoyed, books I wish I’d written.

So if you like the way I write or want to know what’s on my mind, please drop in at Now I’m 64. I have scheduled weekly posts during our visit to New Zealand covering topics as disparate as birdwatching, NHS health checks, blogging, knocking down walls, and building museums of the future.

Oh, I forgot, there will also be posts on “The Curse of Glastonbury” and “Keeping the zombies in.”

Go on, admit it, you’re intrigued aren’t you? Especially by the zombies! So visit Now I’m 64 right now, and sign up for an email every time I publish a post.

If you don’t I’ll set the zombies on to you.